24b about

some.audio is a free, simple, and anonymous audio hosting service, built to fill the space between Tumblr and SoundCloud and to provide a similar experience to Pastebin.
This is a small open source project without funding, so please consider donating (see the PayPal button below).

You can use some.audio from your shell, if you have a POSIX-like shell and cURL:


# copy this into a file
# (I suggest naming it some-audio.sh),
# chmod a+x some-audio.sh
# (or the filename you chose),
# and put it in your $PATH

echo 'Path to file:'
read filename

echo 'Title (optional):'
read title

echo 'Artist (optional):'
read artist

echo 'Description (optional):'
read description

curl \
  -F "title=$title" \
  -F "artist=$artist" \
  -F "description=$description" \
  -F "file=@$filename" \
  -H 'User-Agent: some-audio-shell-client' \